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 When visiting the following companies you will be leaving out site and we can not control the content of any one elses web site.

Cellular Innovations LogoCellular Innovations

Since 1990 Cellular Innovations has been a premier supplier of accessories to the wireless industry. With over 500 products, ranging from our Talk2 Bluetooth headsets to Chargers and mobile phone cases Cellular Innovations is your number 1 source for all of your mobile phone accessory needs.

DigiPower LogoDigiPower
Since 1998 Digipower has pioneered the digital camera accessory category with strong industry insights and a commitment to unique product design and engineering. In 2010 we are pleased to introduce our new Jumpstart line of portable power products.

iEssentials LogoiEssentials
Iessentials creates smart, simple and stylish products that get the most out of technology - at home or on-the-go. Iessentials products range from computer accessories and media cards to iPod accessories and executive gifts. Come and see our complete line of iessentials accessories available today.

COS Phones Logo







 COS Phones:  Batteries, Components, Chargers, Accessories and Refurbished Phones 

The Goldie Group Logo


The Goldie Group:

OEM Components: Lenses, Battery doors, Antennas, LCD, Key pads, Housings, 
OEM Accessories: High quality batteries, Carrier quality chargers, Blue tooth head sets
After Market Accessories: Batteries, Carrier quality chargers, Blue tooth head sets
New, re-manufactured and as is mobile handsets


Blue Bay Electronics Logo


Blue Bay Electronics:

The Hottest Electronics
When it comes to their products, the company always supports American manufacturers and distributors first. If they cannot get a product from the U.S., which is rare, they import from Canada. In addition, they carry numerous name brand electronics such as Apple, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Magellan, Motorola, TomTom, Garmin, Nintendo and Microsoft.

 Avalon Technology Logo

Avalon Global Solutions (Previously Avalon Technology):

Mobile Computing & Communications, Program & Policy Development, Procurement & Service Management
Telecommunications Expense Management, Cyber-Security/Information Security, Security Engineering,  Program Support, Test & Evaluation, Certification & Accreditation, Network Infrastructure, 
Needs Assessment, Design, Deployment, Management.

 On 3/11/2009 Avalon Technology, Inc., a leading provider of Mobile Lifecycle Management (MLM) solutions, and The Net Results Group, Inc. (NRG), a leading provider of comprehensive Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM), announced the formation of Avalon Global Solutions (Avalon Global).  The formation of Avalon Global enables Avalon Technology and NRG to provide its customers a broader and more comprehensive suite of fixed and mobile lifecycle management solutions for domestic and international markets at large.  For MORE information, please visit this link.


Mobilis Logo 


"At MOBILIS, we understand the need for you to stay connected in today's busy life. We provide high quality cell phones, at affordable prices. We've been in both the online retail and wholesale business for over 5 years. So, we understand what customers expect. " 





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