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Monday, 20 April 2009 12:47

What makes us different from other repair centers?

Our focus has been on SmartPhones since their inception.  
We understand the intricacies that are a part of any SmartPhone refurbishing.
We often have to locate difficult components and sometimes even have to find comparable parts direct from the parts manufacturers and 3rd party manufacturers.
Send us your BER and SCRAP equipment to have re-usable parts salvaged, we can also make sure the non-reusable parts are properly recycled.
We create custom software to solve SmartPhone software corruption, partial loads, reloads and previous data scrubbing.
We test everything:  
 Digitizer Accuracy and Drift
 Software Version and other internal information
 PC Sync Port & Connectivity
 Charge Port
 Headset Connector
 Earpiece Speaker
 SpeakerPhone Speaker
 All keys (QWERTY and Other)
 Side Buttons
 Battery Connectors
 Video Record Function
 Signal Quality
 Cosmetic Quality
 Battery Drain


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