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Thursday, 12 March 2009 14:19


We have been in the Cellular Phone Repair/Refurbishing Industry since 1996 and have worked with many major companies in the industry, not to mention the many "Small" businesses.

Some of the companies we  work with are COS Phones, GBX, Mobilis, ReCellular, Goldie Group and  ReCellular Inc.

We have been specializing in SmartPhones, such as Palm Treo and BlackBerry, since 2005.

Give us a call TODAY to find out what we can do to increase your profit while reducing your stress and overhead.

 In Depth:

In 1996, 'A Fhon Wizard' was established and HeadQuartered in the founders home office since the primary business model then was consulting.

In 1998, 'A Fhon Wizard' moved into a facility in Pinckney, MI in order to handle the larger volumes the clients required.  

In 1999, through attention to detail and positive customer experiences, 'A Fhon Wizard' grew and incorporated to become 'FhonWizards Inc'.  Cellular devices being repaired, unlocked and refurbished during this time included the Motorola StarTac, Nokia 232 and Bag Phones. Various certifications were awarded to FhonWizards Inc from Nokia, Audiovox, NEC, OKI, Uniden, Motorola, Fujitsu and others.

In 2000, FhonWizards Inc moved again, this time into a strip mall location in Green Oak township. 

In 2002, FhonWizards Inc moved again, this time to a 5,000 square foot facility just miles from downtown Brighton, Michigan. The new facility allowed for more employees, more equipment and is only a mile away from access to US Highway 23 and Interstate 96.

In 2004, FhonWizards Inc began to transition to a new focus. The new focus was a small market catering to those who wanted to merge their Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and Cell Phone into a single device. FhonWizards began working on what we today call a 'SmartPhone', specifically, we started on the Audiovox Thera which was also released for Sprint under the name SP2032. We proactively searched the internet for buyers and sellers of these 'SmartPhones' who needed their equipment serviced by specialists. At this time we began to shift our client base from the large corporations to the 'small' or independant dealers and eBay sellers that also carried the SmartPhones.


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