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Thursday, 12 March 2009 14:46
Raw Stock Assessment:
We will triage your raw stock and issue a digital report with estimates such as Repair Yield, Repair Cost, Housing Parts Needed and Electronic Parts Needed.

Component Level Repair:
Have devices in need of various levels of repair? We utilize Macroscopes, Microscopes and various other tools in order to successfully manage Level 1, 2 and 3 repairs. Level 2 and 3 repairs often require small parts from the manufacturer. Thanks to how long we have been repairing SmartPhones we can often locate these parts for you or even supply tested functional used parts. Ofcourse if some of your non-repairable equipment has the parts required, we will harvest those first.

MSL Locking & Unlocking:
If your devices need to be unlocked, or locked, generally we can handle that too.

Carrier Information:
We write custom software in order to better/quicker load your devices with standard carrier information. No more problems if some devices have been reconfigured or setup to work in specific regions.

Data Scrubbing:
You have no need to worry about old customer data remaining on the phones that you receive back. We take special pride in scrubbing all previous customer data from devices sent to us. This is also offered as a seperate service.

Housing Replacement:
What's better than a fully functional phone? A fully functional phone in a new housing! Once your devices have been repaired we are prepared to completely rehouse the devices with product that you supply or you can have us quote the cost of the parts.

Software Upgrades & Downgrades:
Before your smartphones leave our facility, we will optionally wipe and reload your devices with
the software version of your choice, normally the most current official release.

Locate Sellers & Buyers:
Even now that you have repaired, rehoused and tested product to sell we are still not done working for you. We can often locate buyers for your finished product and possibly even your scrap product should you have any issue.

ESN Tracking:
Need an ESN History Tracking solution to better get a handle of your returns? Want to know which of your
refurb faclities have the highest returns? Contact us about custom software solutions.

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